Company profile

Our main focus lies on the field of hotel & restaurant industry, to be precise it lies on professional kitchens. Our activities can be divided into the following categories:

  • The planning and developing of customized kitchens for restaurants, hotels, yachts, private residences, and other big projects. Our clientele usually seeks for high quality standards and for the ability to express himself to the highest degree in his creations on the base of optimized equipment. We provide not only high quality, but also a unique design, which is highly functional and long lasting. Further, we put a special emphasis on professionalism and support and we put all our experience and creativity in each single project.
  • We mount and install most of our projects and in this context we continue to seek for the highest possible professionalism and quality in each single working step. We control the building lot and stay in close contact with the artisans. Moreover we conduct all the supervising of our projects all over the world.
  • We are the only partner of MKN in Italy, the company which is said to offer the best quality all over the world in the field of advanced kitchens.
  • We function as a middleman between the company HansDampf and the Italian sellers of their stoves.