fp-projects by Frasnelli Otmar

Fp- projects are a mixture between craft and industry in the field of precision work for hospitality industry. For the base-product we use only high qualitative material, as stainless steel, and then we add material to refine the design of the product and to create an unique design, as marble, granite, wood glass and others. Hence, our products are functional in the first place but they are marked by an aesthetical design.

Our primary goal is to guarantee a high level of quality for all our products and seek to realize that goal through a sophisticated combination between industrial production and craft production. Our continuous emphasis on development and research yielded us an excellent reputation all over the world. We always try our best to realize kitchens which are as customized as a tailor-made suit. People who spend the whole day in kitchen, deserve a ergonomical and professional working place, which in turn enables them to make out the maximum of their capabilities. Our evolution will never be concluded.

Professional kitchen


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