Hans Dampf - Gold

With the HansDampf Gold from MKN new standards are set in combination cooking technology. This innovative performer is strongly influenced by the requirements of chefs and has been awarded the Dr. Georg Triebe innovations prize. Intelligent application options and technical features charac terise the HansDampf Gold as well as many practical and useful details. With HansDampf combination cooking technology we enter into the future of cooking, so come with us!

NEW: USB Interface and HansDampf|connect

The flexible Hans Dampf Gold operating concept:

In the kitchen everything must run smoothly. That is why HansDampf gold has a very easy operating concept. The most important functions can be selected centrally with CombiPilot. Operation is very easy, self explanatory and clearly understandable. You have the possibility to choose at any time between manual operation and automatic cooking.


  • Info monitor: display for cooking chamber humidity and automatic cooking categories.

  • AtmosControl climate control: Individually controllable, active humidification and dehumidification.

  • autoChef┬«: Automatic cooking with 9 categories.

  • Multi-function display: clear display for the best surveillance and easy operation.

  • Basic cooking types: Individual cooking. Steaming, Convection, Combisteaming and Perfection.

  • Additional functions: Fan speed, intermittent fan, SES.

  • Ready2Cook: preheat, cool down, ideal climate set up combined in one function.

  • CombiPilot one hand operation: Simply select by turning and confirm by pushing.

Hans Dampf Connect:

Write your own individual HansDampf cookbook on the PC! Make the timeconsuming compilation of HACCP-documentation easier. Now simpler & more convenient with the innovative software package HansDampf|connect!

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