MKN - Optima 850

MKN – OPTIMA 850 – a massive product produced by MKN for the hotel industry, convincing through ergonomics, durability and endurance. It is an optimal combination: it includes more than 160 different devices and gas or electricity can be chosen according to actual needs. The main characteristics are a simple planning, an easy installation and a rational use of the disposable space. OPTIMA850 has a high degree of reliance and efficiency, day by day. The uniform height makes it easy to move pots and pans while working. The single pieces are all soldered together, hence they are 100% watertight, and hence it is highly hygienic and ergonomic.  The average quality of each single device leis far above the general average of such devices and guarantees a long-lasting efficiency and reliability.

  • Large range of appliances, more than 140 electric and gas models.
  • CE tested,
  • Marine specification.
  • Easy-to-clean.
  • Simple planning – standard lengths for OPTIMA 700 and 850.
  • Flexible combination of all appliances in the OPTIMA 700/850 lines.
  • Stand-alone or block installation on feet or on-site plinths, wall mounting upon request.
  • Completely tight, welded top plate with lateral run-off channels.
  • All control elements specially protected against water, moisture and heat.
  • All appliances completely wired-up for on-site connection, i.e. no additional costs for contactors.
  • All appliances can be supplied upon request ready for connection to a performance optimization system.
  • Can also be supplied without raised edge upon request.