MKN Optimameister

MKN Optimameister

Professional cooking tecnology with serial charakter: MKN-Optimameister is the design-award winning professional cooking technology with serial charactcr. MKN OptimaMeister is the product line of choice for sophisticated professional kitchens.

Continuous hygienic top plate: Based on the legendary MKN-Optima 700 / 850 product line, but completely modificable to match individual wishes and spectfications, more than 260 electric and gas appliances made out of high quality materials can be freely combined and seamlessly welded beneath a continuous 3mm-thick hygienic top ptate made out of top quality chrome-nickel steel

Hygienic, safe and ergonomic: Ergonomic, safe and especially hygienic operation is guaranteed! - not least because of the easy-to-clean corner radii of the optional hygiene inserts and the practikal drip edge. OptimaMeister has a huge spectrum of positive features; the attractive appearance of the continuous top plate - three versions with either 90", 45° or round Corners - can be enhanced further by a continuous hand rail.
It isyour choice.

Free to choose: OptimaMeister as either a free-standing, double-sided or wall version, and with open sub-structures or closed substructures.

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